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Best of Halifax

Best Milkshake

Darrell's Restaurant

Riley Smith
Gold winner, Darrell’s Restaurant.

Gold Winner Darrell’s Restaurant

Silver Winner The Chickenburger, Bedford

Bronze Winner Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Oreos and milk: the perfect romance—and Darrell’s just introduced their love child, the Oreo milkshake. This south end burger joint is not only known for its peanut butter burg and delicious Darrell fries, it also excels at the classic diner milkshake. And there’s nothing vanilla about its flavours, like Creamsicle, cranberry and chocolate peanut butter (unless you want vanilla, because of course they have that too). And if you’re eating in, you even get the cool steel cup with the extra shake that wouldn’t fit in your glass. Two straws, please—for a photo op. (Let’s be serious, we want our own.)

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