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Best of Halifax

Best Fish Cakes

Emma's Eatery

Gold Winner Emma’s Eatery

Silver Winner Edible Matters

Bronze Winner Mic Mac Bar & Grill

There’s something fishy at Emma’s Eatery—its famous cakes. Chef Kim Stacey says the fish cakes “use a lot of fish in proportion to the rest of the ingredients.” Also, the fish is all fresh and local, and Emma’s customers can tell the difference. The secret to success is its “old-fashioned recipe”—fried, not baked—so they are “crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.” Stacey says this is the true Maritime way, lots of customers even say that the cakes are better than their grandmothers’. And, as the cakes are gluten- and dairy-free, all cod cravers can chomp on this staple.

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