Best Butcher Shop 2014 | Getaway Farm, Seaport Farmers' Market | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Butcher Shop

Getaway Farm, Seaport Farmers' Market

Gold Winner Getaway Farm Butcher Shop

Silver Winner Highland Drive Storehouse Butchery and Local Produce

Bronze Winner Sweet William’s Country Sausage, Seaport Farmers’ Market

There’s no cellophane in sight at this Seaport Market stall. Getaway’s grass-fed meats are some sweet eats—guilt-free. Carved fresh daily by skilled tradespeople and gingerly wrapped in brown paper, you can be sure when you get it from Getaway that you’re getting quality. Butcher Ben Andrews says they want their customers “to see where meat comes from. It doesn’t come from Styrofoam packages.” Its beef and lamb are 100 percent grass-fed and the pigs are fully pastured. “People come to us for the experience,” says Andrews. “We don’t just sell meat, we sell trust.”

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