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Best of Halifax

Best Book

Gold Winner Hot, Wet and Shaking, Kaleigh Trace

Silver Winner Never Been To Mars, Larry Gent

Bronze Winner Day Trips from Halifax, Jon Tattrie

Kaleigh Trace’s book is a frank, poignant and funny look at sex, informed by her frank, poignant and funny blog, The Fucking Facts. The sex educator put knowledge, research, warmth and many hours of quiet writing into the book, released in August by Invisible Publishing, and you’ve all thanked her for it with a gold win in this category. “Writing a book was sort of lonesome and it has been so nice to feel like that year of solitary typing became such a communal hang,” says Trace. “When you’re reading me it’s kinda like we’re having a coffee together, and I am grateful to be tucked away on your bookshelves and in your pockets.”

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