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Best Retail Sign

Freak Lunchbox, Halifax

Gold Winner Freak Lunchbox, Barrington Street

Silver Winner Biscuit General Store

Bronze Winner J&R Grimsmo

There’s something downright sweet about Freak Lunchbox. Yes, yes, the store is full of sweet candy, but there’s also a funhouse atmosphere reminiscent of Willy Wonka fantasies and that crazy Oompa-Loompa out on the sidewalk. All this sweetness is perfectly encapsulated in the multi-coloured Freak Lunchbox sign (which regularly hypnotizes us into the store with that psychedelic spiral) not to mention the slew of goofy hand-painted creations from the store's owner Jeremy Smith. A candy-craving Popeye, those colourful gummy bears and that burly weightlifter and his missing face are what make Freak memorable.
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