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Best of Halifax

Best Crafter

Gold Winner Marina Smith, Arcane Angel

Silver Winner Isabelle Pineau, An Oddity Or Two

Bronze Winner Blythe Church, Sewn By Blythe

It’s all about the details for Marina Smith, a Halifax-based artist who’s been making romantic creations for over 30 years. Reflecting her interest in retro-futurism and steampunk, Smith’s jewellery and metalwork (found at various craft shows in town) is whimsical while powerful, and so incredibly ornate it’s hard to believe it’s handmade. “Every item I make, by virtue of the fact I utilize upcycled components, are unique and one of a kind,” she says. “Like those who wear them.” Smith sends celebratory shout outs to “the many talented artisans who reside in Nova Scotia, every one of you inspires me.”
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