Best Corner Store 2013 | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Corner Store

Gold Winner Jubilee Junction Convenience and Takeout

Silver Winner Joe’s Kwik-Way

Bronze Winner Hydrostone Groceteria

Ice cream dreams, chocolate chip encrusted frozen treats, giant bags of movie-style popcorn, mini bags of sugary-sour gummy candies—plus the usual convenience store fare of whatever you may need at 9:30pm on a Sunday—fill the counters and shelves at Jubilee Junction. Brothers and owners Mike and Al Habib give you what you want in the form of a friendly neighbourhood haunt, and lord of the ice cream, king of all he surveys, Ian MacPhee dishes it out (or cones it out, depending) for your sweet tooth cravings. South-enders, university students or diehards willing to walk for a cookie-and-ice-cream confection all agree, Jubilee is for you and me.
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