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Gold Winner Strange Adventures Comic Bookstore, Halifax

Silver Winner Quantum Frontier Games & Comics

Bronze Winner Monster Comic Lounge

“It's a little stressful each time the poll is on,” says Strange Adventures owner Calum Johnston about the Best of Halifax readers’ survey. “‘Will we do well? Are people sick of us? Where do we send the bribe-cookies?’” Fear not, Cal. We love you, we really love you. Strange Adventures is quick to pay this love forward.  “Halifax is blessed with some really wonderful comic shops and I think we all do a great job of showcasing the best in comics, graphic novels, games, toys and collectibles,” says Johnston. “It's a great community and I'm grateful to have colleagues like Quantum Frontier, Monster Comics, Giant Robot and others who keep bringing the comic book world into the mainstream of pop culture.” Strange Adventures thanks their fans with lots of spotlight sales in November, as well as diligently working to organize the Halifax location’s “back room of wonders” and bring hidden vintage comic book treasures to light. And of course, what’s a comic without a comic book fan? “It wouldn't be any fun at all without all the fine folks who visit us,” says Johnston. And reading time wouldn’t be any fun at all without Strange Adventures.
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