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Best of Halifax

Best Barber

Phat's Barber Shop

Gold Winner Phat Luong, Phat’s Barber Shop

Silver Winner Rob Oxner, Saint Lou’s Gentlemen’s Barber Shop

Bronze Winner Michael Phillips, One Block Barbershop

It’s a repeat of last year’s winners’ circle: Phat’s on top, followed by Saint Lou’s and One Block. Are Haligonians falling into habitual hair cutting, er, habits? Well, why not? Phat reliably provides the “best lousy haircut in town,” with a guarantee that use of his services will get you laid, or your money back. Phat’s made such a name for himself that he’s got his own stalkerish saboteur, vandalizing his property and nearly putting him out of business when a cut oil line led to a costly enviro cleanup. Thankfully, his fans came through with a cash mob to cover the expenses.
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