Best Place To Go Running 2013 | Point Pleasant Park | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Place To Go Running

Point Pleasant Park

Gold Winner Point Pleasant Park

Silver Winner Shubie Park

Bronze Winner Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

We thought about replacing this category with Best Place to Eat Pizza in Your Underwear this year but it didn’t seem to have the same amount of traction. So exercising outside where everyone can see how healthy you are, it is. People LOVE running in Point Pleasant Park, you can barely swing a large pizza box without hitting a spandex-clad health nut in the face, so good for them. It’s probably something to do with the long winding private-feeling trails or the mix of uphill, downhill and straightaways... or maybe people just need the extra jolt of “is that off-leash dog as unfriendly as it looks?” energy that propels them the extra mile.
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