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How the heck are you supposed to let people know that you like a band without merch? What are you supposed to be doing, walking around whistling their songs all the time like a fool? No, of course not. You let people know by wearing a shirt. And those are things Orchid’s Curse has in spades. T-shirts, hoodies, posters (including an upcoming poster designed by your gold- winning artist, Alex MacAskill from Fish Bone Prints), toques, beer coozies, patches, stickers, you name it---Orchid’s Curse has got you covered. Lead guitarist Keith MacLeod designs most of the merch, says singer Josh Hogan, “including our top selling Grow A Fucking Beard t-shirt. Recently we have branched out a little by getting tattoo artist Joshua Dobbs to design a t-shirt for us.” Now stop whistling and hoist a coozie.

Gold Winner Orchid's Curse

Silver Winner Cousins

Bronze Winner Dog Day

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