Best Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant 2013 | The Wooden Monkey, Halifax | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant

The Wooden Monkey, Halifax

Gold Winner The Wooden Monkey, Halifax

Silver Winner Heartwood

Bronze Winner Tarek’s Cafe, north end

The Wooden Monkey is no stranger to this award, even though it isn’t a strictly vegetarian restaurant. Matthew Gass, co-owner and acting general manager of the restaurant’s Halifax location, says “We’re very proud of the vegetarian food we offer; we believe people should incorporate plant-based food in their diet.” The lentil burger and chickpea salad are two of the restaurant’s most popular vegetarian dishes, but the seitan donair is one of their more unique items using wheat meat to mimic roast beef and coconut milk-based donair sauce. “A meat-and-potatoes father can come in with his vegan daughter, and there’s something to please them both,” says Gass.
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