Best Ice Cream / Gelato / Frozen Yogurt 2013 | Dee Dee's Ice Cream | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Ice Cream / Gelato / Frozen Yogurt

Dee Dee's Ice Cream

Gold Winner Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Silver Winner Cows

Bronze Winner Humani-T Cafe, north end

There’s no doubt about it, Halifax loves its ice cream. And the go-to place for this cold treat is Dee Dee’s, which earns its Best Ice Cream/Gelato for the second year running. With 20-plus flavours of ice cream and sorbet, from Dark European Chocolate to Rhubarb Ginger, this is perfect spot for those of you with an sweet tooth that strays from the ordinary. This cold stuff tastes so good because of what goes into it (besides love, of course). DeeDee’s looks to local dairy and produce and fair-trade sugar while creating these masterpieces—this is a cone you can feel good about enjoying.
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