Best Clayton Park Area Restaurant 2013 | Brewdebaker's Tap & Grill, Clayton Park | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Clayton Park Area Restaurant

Brewdebaker's Tap & Grill, Clayton Park

Gold Winner Brewdebaker’s Tap & Grill, Clayton Park

Silver Winner Sushi Nami Royale, Clayton Park

Bronze Winner Dhaba Casual Fine Dining and Express

Brewdebaker’s takes this title home for the second year in a row and can now safely call itself the Best Clayton Park Restaurant. What makes this Lacewood Drive eatery so great it that it’s fairly straightforward in its traditional restaurant fare. And sometimes you just want a relaxed meal with some delicious comfort food. With a great selection of steaks and ribs, delicious appetizers and specialty burgers and sandwiches, Brewdebaker’s has got you covered, no matter what you’re craving. The best part is you’re not going to break the bank for a dinner here, making it an ideal place to enjoy a nice sit-down meal.
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