Best Beer Selection 2013 | The Maxwell's Plum | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Beer Selection

The Maxwell's Plum

Gold Winner The Maxwell’s Plum

Silver Winner Henry House

Bronze Winner Rockbottom Brewpub

If tears of joy don’t fill your eyes simply from looking at The Maxwell’s Plum menu, there’s no helping you. This beer selection will be an absolute game-changer in your drinking career. There’s just an absurd amount of beer, over 60 to choose from on tap alone. Whether it’s a porter, IPA or fruit-tinged pale ale that does it for you, Maxwell’s has got dozens of them, and also have a strong selection of imports everywhere from the Czech Republic to Vietnam. You can’t choose? We understand the challenge, and suggest the personal six mini-mug sample tray to give yourself a taste of everything.
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