Best Filmmaker 2013 | Arts + Culture

Best of Halifax

Best Filmmaker

Gold Winner Mike Clattenburg

Silver Winner Jason Eisner

Bronze Winner Ashley McKenzie

Director Mike Clattenburg is, of course, the father of our cultural goldmine, the Trailer Park Boys franchise. Any Haligonian spending any amount of time abroad can attest to its reach. It’s often the cornerstone of a budding barroom friendship—just remember to say we all act like the TPB crew all the time for the hell of it. Clattenburg isn’t resting on his past successes, though. “I'm working on a new TV series in the US, it's not yet announced so I can't say much other than I'm thrilled to be writing with Aaron McGruder. We shoot this February and I'm directing the first season.” Also in the works is TPB3, due out 4/20 weekend, naturally. We’ll raise a rum and coke to that.
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