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Best of Halifax

Best Comedian

Gold Winner Candy Palmater

Silver Winner Bill Wood

Bronze Winner Brian MacQuarrie

“Every time I think about moving to a bigger city, it’s the awesome people of this city who have supported my career that make me want to stay,” says Palmater on her win. Palmater’s The Candy Show, her talk show/variety show that will begin shooting its fifth season (email [email protected] for tickets and bring one item for the food bank), isn’t all she’s got on the go. Roles in Call Me Fitz and Thom Fitzgerald’s Sex and Violence and Forgive Me Father, an upcoming dramedy series called The Pink Indian and a summer cross-country comedy tour are all in a day’s work for Palmater. Where does she get all of her material though? “Even at events like funerals, people are looking for a reason to laugh and I love to be the one to provide that,” says Palmater. “My family will tell you they are, too often, the inspiration for my jokes. What can I say? Funny shit happens at my house and I love to tell the nation about it on my show.”
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