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Best Women’s Clothing Store

Biscuit General Store

Gold Winner Biscuit General Store

Silver Winner Sweet Pea Boutique

Bronze Winner Pretty Things Boutique

It’s hard to walk into Biscuit General Store without being hit with a wave of serious greed. Suddenly you’ll want to re-outfit your closet, replace your tired shoe collection and decorate your boring home with quirky accessories. Whether or not the charming downtown boutique matches “your style” it’s still always fun to walk through and take a gander at what’s new. “I’m passionate about fashion, home decor and beautiful things---and so are many of our staff,” says the brains behind the operation, Wendy Friedman. “We have a real culture at Biscuit, so I think that it’s more than just a ‘store’ or a j-o-b for all of us here, and customers might feel that.”

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