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Best Travel Agency

Adventure Travel Company

Gold Winner Adventure Travel Company

Silver Winner Maritime Travel, Barrington Place

Bronze Winner Fraser & Hoyt Travel, Maritime Centre

That’s right folks, travel agencies still exist, and at this year’s gold-winning Best Travel Agency, the Adventure Travel Company, they say business is booming. The Hydrostone travel boutique specializes in off-the-beaten-path destinations that you might never have considered, and boasts well-traveled, knowledgeable staff. Megan Bailey, ATC’s manager, says there are a lot of people who think a vacation is limited to a cruise or an all-inclusive, “or buying a plane ticket to somewhere obscure and hoping for the best with your *Lonely Planet*.” She hopes ATC can change that. “There are lots of options for being adventurous without having to do it all on your own or without being hand-held.”

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