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Best of Halifax

Best Massage Therapist

Sore Spots Massage Therapy

Gold Winner Jamie Lynn Chediac, Sore Spots Massage Therapy

Silver Winner Nathan Wessel, Spirit Urban Day Spa

Bronze Winner Tara Dawn Patriquin, One to One Wellness Centre

“It’s a little humbling because there are so many good therapists in the city,” says gold-winning Jamie Lynn Chediac, owner and therapist at Sore Spots Massage Therapy. With some back issues of her own, Chediac knows the importance of treating yourself right and listening to your body, and her clients love her for it. “Everybody has tension, everybody has stress and pain, everybody has some kind of occupation strain whether it’s physical or mental,” she says. “It’s about just making sure you’re in control of that tension and it’s not controlling you.”

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