Best Antiques Store 2012 | Finer Things Antiques & Curios | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Antiques Store

Finer Things Antiques & Curios

Gold Winner Finer Things Antiques

Silver Winner Urban Cottage Antiques and Collectibles

Bronze Winner The Monkey’s Paw Curio Shop

Finer Things Antiques, one the gems of the north end, is a haven for lost and forgotten trinkets, knickknacks and curios of all kinds. From retro Danish chairs to *objets d’art* to furniture from the 1700s to vintage vinyl, Jack Craft and partner Julianna McDonald carry a little bit of everything, and Craft says their clientele varies as much as their inventory: “Our customers range from 12 years old to 85. When a lot of people think of an antiques shop, they think of your grandmother’s teacups and rocking chair, but that’s not really the case with us.”

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