Best Drag Performer 2012 | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Drag Performer

Gold Winner Rouge Fatale

Silver Winner Eureka Love

Bronze Winner Elle Noir

“It’s just a matter of putting my cock between my legs and having fun,” laughs Jason Rose-Spurell when asked about his drag alter ego, the beloved Rouge Fatale. Fatale was created on a dare, at the Miss Gay Sydney pageant in 2003, when Rose-Spurell’s friends promised to buy him drinks all night long if he competed. “I had one dress and one wig, and I won!” he says. Ever since, Rouge Fatale has fared well. This is her fifth consecutive Best of Halifax win, she has a weekly summer gig at the casino and expect some big news soon about another weekly performance at another Halifax locale. Recently, Rose-Spurell quit his day job as a nurse so Rouge could work full-time, and already she has appearances scheduled for Toronto and Winnipeg.

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