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Best of Halifax

Best Artist / Band To Turn Up Loud

Gold Winner We're Doomed

Silver Winner The Stanfields

Bronze Winner Three Sheet

We’re Doomed are a pop-influenced progressive rock band, a group of young guys who swear by the tightly knit all-ages scene. “We play a lot of different shows,” says guitarist Nick Jones. “We always get lumped in with a lot of heavy bands, we play a lot of metal shows,” says Simon Outhit (guitar and vocals). Drummer Scott Tiller sums them up: “We’re always the light band on the heavy show and the heavy band on the light show. We’re always classified as a metal band.” Outhit, Jones, Tiller and bassist Mike Andrews are transitioning their uniquely technical group from all-ages to bar shows. They live to tour, and have the momentum to do it. Last summer’s EP *Like a Machine* brought together heavy riffs, syncopated beats, face-melting solos and heartfelt lyrics. “I listen to a lot of metal but at heart I love pop stuff,” says Outhit. See them live Friday, March 23 at Jon Epworth’s *Failure Epics* album release show with Old Blood at The Seahorse.

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