Best Artist / Band Hijinks 2012 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Artist / Band Hijinks

Gold Winner Tupper Ware Remix Party

Silver Winner The Graboids

Bronze Winner Rich Aucoin

Though they relocated to Toronto (hereafter referred to as The Horrible Place That Steals Bands) in November after a banger of a last show---your bronze winner for best show of 2011, incidentally---TWRP are still as beloved as they are odd. Costumes? Oh yes, they’ve got costumes. Spandex, pylons, and various face-coverings certainly should be distracting, but when TWRP’s metal-tinged, intergalactic-themed electronic rock starts up, there’s absolutely nothing that can take your mind off the task at hand, namely, bouncing that booty up and down, shaking it all around, and so forth.

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