Best Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant 2012 | The Wooden Monkey, Halifax | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant

The Wooden Monkey, Halifax

Gold Winner The Wooden Monkey

Silver Winner Heartwood

Bronze Winner The Good Food Emporium

With favourites like the roasted chickpea or sweet apple salads, the lentil burger, the rice bowl, the vegetable curry and the spicy vegetarian stirfry, The Wooden Monkey offers an array of creative choices for produce-loving patrons. While it’s won this distinction several times over, The Wooden Monkey shouldn’t be pigeonholed. Yes, it offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly and gluten-free dishes, but general manager Matthew Gass also wants people to know it serves “big, badass free-range T-bone steaks” as well. Why not try its free-range Nova Scotia lamb burger or its pork tenderloin with cranberry chutney? The Wooden Monkey just may make carnivore converts out of you.
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