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Best of Halifax

Best Sushi Restaurant

Gold Winner Hamachi House

Silver Winner Wasabi House

Bronze Winner Sushi Nami Royale

The crux of Hamachi House’s success rests on first-class sushi chefs who have been lured all the way to Halifax to bring skill and creativity to your plate. Add extremely fresh product to the mix and you’ve got yourself a consistent winner. What’s good? Hamachi House’s Mark Manzoni says the holy dynamite roll, made with eel, avocado and shrimp tempura is one of the best rolls ever created. “It’s like a party in your mouth.” Tasted all the usual suspects? Try a fusion Caribbean roll or sushi pizza. It’s Hamachi House’s 10th anniversary this year, but that’s not the big news. Halifax’s favourite sushi restaurant just opened a brand new location, Hamachi Mura, located in Bedford.
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