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Best of Halifax

Best Restaurant (Outside The HRM)

Gold Winner Fleur de Sel

Silver Winner Tempest

Bronze Winner Trattoria Della Nonna

As if you needed an excuse for a day trip to Lunenburg, here’s one more. Aside from the great French-inspired cuisine at Fleur de Sel, this restaurant impresses by being so ahead of the curve. “All our vegetables are from the Valley, and that’s year-round,” says co-owner and chef, Martin Ruiz Salvador. “We design our menu strictly upon that. All our meats are Nova Scotian except our beef which comes from PEI. It’s all cliche now, but we’ve been doing it for 10 years and I think people have come to enjoy what we do.” Loyal fans and tourists alike have lots to look forward to now that Fleur de Sel has reopened its doors. The restaurant was renovated and the menu was expanded recently, giving patrons an even more luxurious dining experience. But don’t worry, Ruiz Salvador is quick to point out that the restaurant is the same one you’ve always loved.
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