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Best of Halifax

Best Dartmouth Restaurant

Nectar Restaurant & Wine Bar

Gold Winner Nectar Social House

Silver Winner La Perla

Bronze Winner Brewdebaker’s Tap & Grill

Ian Hurst’s voice is full of pride when he talks about Nectar Social House. He bought the popular restaurant with his wife Joelle in January but the pair have kept it as close to the original as possible. “We purchased it because it was great, not because it needed a lot of things to change,” he says. The small changes that have been made include tweaking a few dishes, bringing in a higher grade of lamb, beginning their popular brunch earlier and implementing a cheap $10 corkage fee on Tuesdays. They also started a happy hour (5-7pm) called Legal Tuesday due to the high number of lawyers who attend. Apart from the amazing food, the thing that seems to make Hurst the proudest is his staff. “This is their profession,” he says. “It’s not just something they happen to be doing and they take it very seriously.”
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