Best Cole Harbour Restaurant 2012 | Jamieson's Irish House and Grill | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Cole Harbour Restaurant

Jamieson's Irish House and Grill

Gold Winner Jamieson’s Irish House and Grill

Silver Winner The Vines

Bronze Winner Talay Thai

Owner Chris Smith isn’t changing anything. He swears. He’s just making a few little tweaks. “I think that’s become endearing to people,” he says. “They know what to expect, and it’s comfort. I hear it all the time from customers, ‘Don’t mess with anything. We like it the way it is.’” The Irish-inspired restaurant has been serving up its famous food for 13 years now, so it must be doing something right. Smith chalks up the success to using local food and cooking everything from scratch, employing talented Red Seal chefs, and of course, his entire staff. “There’s 20 of them and one of me,” he says. “Without them being successful we’re not successful. We are who we are because of the great unique staff that we have.”
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