Best Clayton Park Area Restaurant 2012 | Brewdebaker's Tap & Grill, Clayton Park | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Clayton Park Area Restaurant

Brewdebaker's Tap & Grill, Clayton Park

Gold Winner Brewdebaker’s Tap & Grill

Silver Winner Sushi Nami Royale

Bronze Winner Redwood Grill

Last year, Brewdebaker’s didn’t even break the top three, but this year it swooped in for the gold. Chef Ryan Payne credits the sudden victory with a few minor changes. The restaurant has expanded its menu and brought in more local ingredients like Sweet William's Chorizo sausage, Stewart’s apple cider and a wider selection of beers from local brewhouse favourites Propeller and Garrison. “It’s probably Clayton Park’s best kept secret,” says Payne. “We really only got popular again in the last year or so, so I think it’s that the quality of food has gone up tremendously, and that’s helping out a lot.” Brewdebaker’s also bought the Ardmore Tea Room and is reverting the Quinpool icon to a classic-style diner where everything is cooked from scratch. (But don’t worry, they’re not messing with the milkshakes.)
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