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Best Place To Watch The Game

Bubba Ray's Sports Bar

Gold Winner Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar

Silver Winner Oasis Pub & Eatery

Bronze Winner Big Leagues

Bubba Ray’s is home to NHL, NFL, YFC, NBA, MLB, CFL, FIFA, PGA, NASCAR and every other sports acronym you can think of. Bubba Ray’s impressive collection of sports memorabilia (including a Crosby’s Corner) demonstrates their devotion to the world of athletics. (Just don’t forget to wipe that wing sauce off your hands before you go admiring.) With over 50 LCD television screens and an additional 125 seats this year, you’ll never have to worry about missing that tie-breaking goal. There’s even screens behind the bar, so that you don’t have to break eye contact while filling up on beer—a drink you’ll need if you plan on taking on Bubba Ray’s Best Chicken Wings.
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