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Best of Halifax

Best Pizza Slice

Sicilian Pizza, Donairs & Subs, Pizza Corner

Gold Winner Sicilian Pizza, Donairs & Subs

Silver Winner Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria

Bronze Winner Alexandra’s Pizza

When you want a BIG slice of the ‘za, Sicilian’s your best bet. The shop has cleaned up again with what part-owner Joe Nahas says is an historic recipe. “We have a proven recipe that we’ve been using for our sauce for the last 27 years and we absolutely will not change that recipe,” says Nahas. Outsourcing for quality tomatoes, Nahas says the skill and time that goes into the sauce makes all the difference, for every slice. They know customers like what they’re doing so don’t worry, they won’t be changing things anytime soon. “We won’t switch. There’s cheaper ways to make a pizza sauce but we won’t compromise on that.” Lucky you, eh?
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