Best Fine Dining 2012 | Chives Canadian Bistro | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Fine Dining

Chives Canadian Bistro

Gold Winner Chives Canadian Bistro

Silver Winner The Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner Gio Restaurant

We’ve decided that this year, to best communicate why Chives continues to win these awards, we’ll simply share the names of a few of the menu items and some of the ingredients beloved by the bistro’s customers: mussels Normandy with Tideview apple cider and shallot rosemary cream, maple sausage crusted pork scallopini with sweet potato puree and cranberry apple compote, braised cardamom curried lamb with coconut lentil rice pilaf and apple cilantro chutney—and don’t forget the spiced cashews—and prosciutto-wrapped Sambro haddock, with charred Mediterranean vegetable risotto, puttanesca tomato coulis and arugula.
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