Best Diner 2012 | The Armview Restaurant & Lounge | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Diner

The Armview Restaurant & Lounge

Gold Winner The Armview Restaurant & Lounge

Silver Winner Ardmore Tea Room

Bronze Winner Darrell’s Restaurant

It’s hard to describe the unique atmosphere found at The Armview. Upscale? Yes, but also unpretentious. Retro? Certainly, but with a casual modernity that suggests it’s not trying to replicate a classic diner experience, but update it with the past in mind. Relaxed? Absolutely, but not at the expense of a quality food experience. The Armview provides a versatile dining experience, the kind of place you can go to meet a group of friends for lunch, stop in for brunch or go for a romantic date in the evening. In other words, the best diner in Halifax.
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