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Best Breakfast

The Coastal Cafe

Gold Winner The Coastal Cafe

Silver Winner Cora’s

Bronze Winner Ardmore Tea Room

If you’ve ever been prowling around for a seat at The Coastal, you know it’s popular. If you were patient enough to wait for one, you’ll know it’s worth it. Owner Mark Giffin is blunt about not promising the most amazing dining experience, but the food speaks for itself. Big time. Chorizo sausage, blueberry compote, mole crema. The Coastal offers way more than your typical breakfast fare. They also have plenty of gluten-free and vegan options too. “It’s definitely not your standard bacon-and-egg plates,” says Giffin. The Coastal also began opening its doors in April for a dinner service by former Brooklyn Warehouse chef Graeme Ruppel, who leases the space from Giffin. Food will be served Thursday to Saturday from 6-8pm. Call in advance to make sure you can snag a seat.
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