Best Bartender 2012 | Finbar's Irish Pub, Bedford | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Bartender

Finbar's Irish Pub, Bedford

Gold Winner Kelly Jo Dugas, Finbar’s Irish Pub

Silver Winner Jenner Cormier, The Middle Spoon

Bronze Winner Bill McLean, Mexicali Rosa’s

Kelly Jo Dugas is humble. She shrugs off her popularity as a bartender as simply doing the little things. She brings solo customers a newspaper to enjoy during their meal; she’ll surprise people with dessert on their birthday. “We go the extra mile to do something nice for each person who comes in here,” says Dugas of the team that also includes Best Server winner Kim MacInnes. The 24-year-old has been working at Finbar’s Irish Pub for two-and-a-half years and seems to be over the moon with her workplace. “The owners Mike and Pam are the best people I have ever worked for. They make working at Finbar’s fantastic,” she says, “and the patrons are amazing. They are so much fun.” They must think this bartender deserves more credit than she’s willing to give herself.
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