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Best Bargain

Westcliff Restaurant & Convenience

Gold Winner Westcliff Restaurant & Convenience

Silver Winner Mary’s Place

Bronze Winner Brewdebaker’s Tap & Grill

Beverley Griswold pulls the phone away from her ear and yells to her customers, “Why do you come here?” A few cheery, muffled replies echo in the background in between bites of diner deliciousness. “An at-home atmosphere,” she translates. “We want people to feel comfortable here. We want them to come here, feel comfortable and come back.” It’s a so-simple-why-didn’t-I-think-of-it business plan that has had Griswold’s Westcliff Restaurant & Convenience serving up some of the cheapest eats in the city. This long reigning Best Bargain winner offers diner classics like cheeseburgers, fish and chips, fries and milkshakes all for under $10. Think quality is sacrificed for price? Think again. Griswold dares you to question her commitment to good taste and customer loyalty.
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