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The Brooklyn Warehouse

Gold Winner Brooklyn Warehouse

Silver Winner The Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner Obladee, A Wine Bar

If you haven’t snagged a seat in the Brooklyn Warehouse yet, now’s your chance. The Windsor Street corner restaurant jumped to 50 seats from 36 earlier this year. The added tables have allowed the restaurant to take reservations for the first time in three years, says co-owner George Christakos. For those who were already smitten with the Warehouse, don’t worry about change. Christakos says the expansion hasn’t affected the eatery’s suave-yet-chill atmosphere: “The way I look at it, the restaurant provides a shell; the people provide the atmosphere. You have to attract the right customers.” Make sure to be one of them this summer when the garage doors open up to reveal the patio’s excellent streetscape viewing area.
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