Best Visual Artist 2012 | Arts + Culture

Best of Halifax

Best Visual Artist

Gold Winner Nick Brunt

Silver Winner Lisa Lipton

Bronze Winner Sarah Burwash

Nick Brunt’s artwork blends his love of our city’s bustling music scene with his colourful, unique style. And persistence for this young artist has paid off. “This city is so full of incredibly talented creatives that I feel like it’s a huge honour to be recognized at all amongst the crowd of awesomeness,” says Brunt. “There are a lot of dues to be paid and finding your voice and your style can be almost impossible but, when you do, just don’t stop. Ever.” He’s heeding his own advice, and taking steps to make 2013 a big one. “I just want to keep doing it. More shows, louder work, bigger paintings, explosions, drama, blood---let’s get this shit on the go.”

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