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Best of Halifax

Best Salesperson

Wildflower Clothing

Gold Winner Jill Strong, Wildflower Clothing

Silver Winner Jody Crane, Brooklyn Audio

Bronze Winner Cadence Macmichael, Pretty Things Boutique

“Finally someone more interested in building relationships with her customers than simply selling stuff. A true gem,” comments a reader who voted for gold-winning salesperson Jill Strong. Such a comment makes Strong happy because she really does try to get to know her clients---after all, as owner of women’s wear boutique Wildflower Clothing, she’s spent most of her workdays with them for the past 11 years. Often shoppers don’t know exactly what they want, or can’t process the range of enticing clothes and accessories in the shop like Wildflower, so Strong first aims to make people comfortable. “Most people do want assistance,” she says. “I ask a lot of questions. What are their lifestyles like, what they can and can’t wear to work. What do they feel best in?” After that Strong can find the perfect item, making the city more beautiful one customer at a time.
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