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Best of Halifax

Best Musical Instrument Store

Halifax Folklore Centre

Halifax Folklore Centre wins Gold in The Coast Best of Halifax

Gold Winner Halifax Folklore Centre

Silver Winner Gig Street Music

Bronze Winner Long & McQuade (Cunard Street)

“Well, we’ve got nothing new and exciting. We like *old* and exciting,” David Bradshaw joked when he learned of the Folklore Centre’s BOH victory. Thanks to owners Tom and Marla Dorward, the welcoming downtown music shop has been offering the best in elegant vintage instruments, as well as new ones, since 1971. “I love those guys,” gushed one BOH voter about the small, very helpful staff, who also do repairs. They’re currently boasting many beauties worth seeing, and playing, including a selection of archtop guitars, ukeleles up the wazoo and an exotic new arrival: a handmade Bolivian charango.
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