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Best Tour You Wish Came To Halifax

Lady Gaga

Last year was the breakout year for singer Stefani Germanotta. It was the peak of her transformation into Lady Gaga, her life-as-performance-art persona. Her Monster Ball Tour came pretty close to us, relatively speaking. Maybe serious fans---her Little Monsters---or perhaps members of her fan club---Prefabricated Disposable Scum---went to see her opening night in Montreal at the end of June. Or maybe even in Toronto last month. Can you imagine Lady Gaga playing the Common? That would be something worth getting scandalized about. And as Moncton prepares to accommodate the massive claw stage that looms over the four guys in U2 later this summer, it’s hard to imagine that beast squatting comfortably anywhere in the HRM. What’s wrong with a multiple night stand at the Metro Centre? ---CK

1st Runner-up U2

2nd Runner-up The National

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