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Best Gig Poster Artist

Yo Rodeo

A frequent winner in this category, we offered the chance to Yo Rodeo’s Paul Hammond and Seth Smith to spread the love around to a few of their peers. Here’s a few of their favourites:

Geordan Moore (Whostolemybike): “Geordan's illustrative work is just amazing. We love the detailed line-work in his drawings, and his use of hand-drawn text is great!”

Stephen Bishop (Hello Daylight): “Stephen's really killing the modest/minimal look with his work, and using textures and colour in a really cool way. He also really knows how to use letterpress/broadside style text like a king.”

Adam O: “Adam's got this really wild, ultra fun/naive style that we can't get enough of. His posters are always filled with fun little details, like a one man drawing-jam in technicolor. Love it.”

Alex MacAskill: “Alex has been hanging out with us for the last few months, learning the ropes, and producing some really hot work. His illustrations are top notch, and he's really working the hand drawn text. He's gonna put us out of work in five years!”

1st Runner-up Arthur Doyle

2nd Runner-up Adam Hartling

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