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Best Rehearsal Space

The Rock Garden

Sadly, this is a farewell tribute. The Rock Garden is now no longer with us despite a legion of musicians who had come to love the space for serious jam sessions. In it's heyday, bands would pay $15 per hour to utilize the studio---add an extra fiver if you played Keep On Rockin In The Free World (kind of like the No Stairway rule). The RG included a drum kit, audio equipment and helpful staff. It was a space outside of your parent's garage where you could go loud and crazy and not have to worry about the police coming for noise complaints. Rock Garden, you shall be missed. Luckily, there is a new venue for bands to test out their sound: Rockopolis Rehearsal Studios. It won't be hard to find, it's in the same building as the old Rock Garden. It opens this week.

1st Runner-up: The Music Room

2nd Runner-up: Area 52

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