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Best Artist / Band Hijinks

Tupper Ware Remix Party

According to Tupperware Remix Party keyboardist/spokesperson Doctor Sung, it's quite easy for the band to stay on top of fashion trends; "We assimilate each mode of dress from every corner of the galaxy by simply inputting their fashion algorithms into our giant style calculator," he says. If this answer sounds bizarre, we'll remind you that TWRP assume the persona of aliens, putting on dance parties of cosmically banging proportions. They also look pretty good doing it, sporting skintight latex suits and intriguing headwear. While Sung still sports his trademark pylon hat---or "Pylonic Headmounted Environmental Equilibrium Device"---there's been other notable changes in the past year, including the addition of a new bassist, Atomicawk. While TWRP will continue to enjoy the victor's spoils through parties and wild shows---"Inebriated earthlings love our music," Sung says---they're also currently hard at work on a free EP, Lazerhorse, due out this summer.

1st Runner-up Rich Aucoin

2nd Runner-up Windom Earle

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