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Hamachi House

Suuuuu-shi! Halifax sushi lovers take their rolls seriously. The Hamachi House is a beloved Japanese cuisine favourite that does just the same. An atmosphere that’s filled with worldly and classical music provides the soundtrack to your dining experience. This, coupled with reasonable prices ($4.50-$14), is the reason they’re a student magnet. Come in after 10pm and enjoy the discounted menu. Even better, they’re rarely closed. “We’re open from 11am till midnight. Christmas is the only day we have shorter hours,” says Hei Huynh, server and floor manager at their Morris Street location. Don’t forget Hamachi Kita in the Hydrostone, the steakhouse in Bishop’s Landing and the Dartmouth location on Portland Street.

First Runner-up: Sushi Nami Royale
Second Runner-up: Doraku
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