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Best Gig Poster Artist

Yo Rodeo

"We still feel very strongly connected to poster art, and gig-poster work, and it's something that we have made a real effort to maintain as a part of our practice and will continue to do, but we're definitely trying to shift our focus toward fine art, showing in galleries, et cetera," says Paul Hammond, half of Yo Rodeo, along with Seth Smith. And curators are responding: Their 3D Three Dee Realms travelled to several Canadian galleries and Yo Rodeo won Visual Arts Nova Scotia's Outstanding Year award. If you get a chance, take a close look at their Block Party series---every tiny human, animal and object crammed into those cubes was drawn by hand. Next up: "a new group of 3D prints to expand Three Dee Realms, which we'll be showing in Newfoundland and Ontario in the fall...and another series of prints based on comic art, and storytelling."

First runner-up: Arthur Doyle

Second runner-up: Adam Hartling

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