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Sometimes our only entertainment on Metro Transit is the cool CKDU bus ads that popped up last year. Station coordinator Erica Butler says they're designed by the genius co & co design, who also designed all of CKDU's funding drive swag and merch for the last five years, "in exchange for a wee bit of recognition and a lifetime supply of CKDU mugs." Butler says, "We're excited about the ads because they feature the individual programs on CKDU and give people an idea of the diversity on our airwaves."

CKDU, celebrating its 25th year (along with Walter Kemp's show, Saturday Morning Musical Box) in 2010, introduced a bunch of new shows and our favourite fundraiser of the year, the Rock Lottery, which split 25 musicians into bands for one-night performances.

First runner-up: Q104

Second runner-up: CBC Radio 1

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