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Every time we hear Ghettosocks, we drool. Our Pavlovian response might be from his Treat of the Day blog posts, but most likely it's from the Ghettosocks sandwich at Good Food Emporium: That heavenly lunch goodness came about thanks to Darren Pyper, who used to always order grilled cheese sammies and ask for avocado and tomato on them. But lunchtime genius was the least of Pyper's accomplishments last year: Treat of the Day, classic hip-hop filled like smoked meat with tasty rhymes and guest appearances, was featured on And the song "Ricochet," with that crazy horn beat, was played by DJ Premier on his Sirius radio show. Next up: Pyper is almost finished a first album with Twin Peaks (partnering with Muneshine) and then it's off to Toronto to record with another tasty supergroup. Teenburger, with Timbuktu and DJ Jorun, is "an '80s pop-culture-inspired (soon-to-be) rap-classic."

First runner-up: Classified

Second runner-up: Expedyte

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