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Ellen Page

Halifax’s own Ellen Page continues to impress with her savvy career choices. Last year’s *Inception* was the biggest and smartest blockbuster action movie of the year, and she was a big part of it. This year she was in a comedy called *Super* with her *Juno* co-star Rainn Wilson, which disappointingly we never got to see here, but upcoming expect her in Bill Condon’s TV movie *Tilda* with Diane Keaton and the next Woody Allen picture, *Bop Decameron,* set in Rome and starring opposite *The Social Network*’s Jesse Eisenberg.

So much love for Ellen from our readers. She's tough, she can take it.
“Homegirl can represent.”
“She's ours. And, she's cute as a button.”

First Runner-up: Sidney Crosby

Second Runner-up Joel Plaskett

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